Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's new

So, I was hoping that Ilya would write about the band's trip to Kharkov for "Salsa contra crisis", but I think he's just so swamped with everything else, we're going to have to wait a little bit for the stories.

I got this pic emailed to me from Dennis Adu (who is behind the camera). Kills me that I'm not in it. :P Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep on working here to get the album out and done, and that's all I can do for now. Excited to soon be a part of this picture again in June in Sweden, though.

I updated our myspace, also, with some of the other pictures I got from Dennis from the Kharkov thing, and a couple of other minor changes, including posting up a picture of Arseniy, our bongocero (pictured here in the blue sweatshirt). He's young, but he's been playing with us more and more regularly, and he's on 5/10 tracks of the recording, so hopefully he'll become a more permanent member with some time and practising.

I just received our liner notes from yet another of our salsa idols from the clasica era. I'm still going to keep his identity a secret until closer to the album release date, but we're thrilled that he liked the music as much as he did, and his words will put the cherry on top of our album.

Other than that, the only news on my end is that yesterday I bought another guiro and pandereta in Paris. Note to others: LP guiros (and others, probably) are a lot cheaper in Paris than in Ukraine or Canada. In fact, I went to this great store called La Baguetterie on Victor Masse street in Paris, it has TONS of percussion. Love Paris. People that are around here might want to check it out. (They actually had like 15 different kinds of guiros, way more than other places I've been to.)

Besides that, we'll just have to be patient for the three pigeons story... ?


  1. Love the links!! Went to the MySpace page to check out new pics... but not sure where they are. Are they in the slide shows? Lemme know :)

  2. Yeah, they're all in random in the slide shows. Also, you can just click on where it says "pics" under the profile picture and search through the albums. The new ones will be labeled "new picture", but they're scattered throughout the albums (due to technical issues, hehe).

    I also changed the profile pics of the last 3 people posted there in the band (Sasha, Ira, and Arseniy).