Monday, May 31, 2010

Dislocados records NEW SINGLE!

So, just came back from the studio in Kiev this weekend. Awesome fun. I laid down the lead vocals for our new single coming out on JUNE 25TH! It's supposed to be a big deal for us, so I'm really excited.
I went with my brother, Nicholas, who joined Ilya and Lesya on coro and I think it worked out great. Nicholas gave a new flavour to the coro that you guys won't regret.
Before I forget, as always, special thanks to Sasha Sadovets of Na Hati Records, Ukraine, who made the recording process as enjoyable as possible, as usual. What a professional.
The plan is that the song will be available as a single download from iTunes, etc. Although, it always takes a little delay with iTunes, but even if it's not available there straight away, you'll be able to hear it starting June 25th on Hard Salsa Radio in New York, around a bunch more radio stations worldwide, and I'm going to make it available for immediate listening on youtube.
We're keeping the song a big secret until it's out. The song has a couple of purposes. Mainly, it's to increase Dislocados' visibility among salseros that don't know us yet. Our main concentration was on:
1. increasing visibility
2. increasing "dance-ability"
3. making a special dedication to a beloved artist
Well, without saying more, I just have to say that the song seems awesome. We already pre-performed it twice in Kiev, and I gotta tell you, the audiences loved it. Ilya paid special attention to make the arrangement as danceable as possible without losing Dislocados' hard salsa essence. Be especially prepared for some great coros, great horn parts, and sing alongs...
Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know about it for now. It's the most exciting thing right now for us... We're done the rhythm section, lead and coro, and now we have to record the horns and mix it, and it'll be ready to go!
So, the countdown begins. T-25 days until Dislocados' new blockbuster hit...

Get ready to hear it in a salsoteca near you!