Monday, August 31, 2009

... We're back!

Yes, it's been a little while, but now we're back from the dead. We've had a lot of things that took us in a lot of directions this summer, but now the blog resumes. :)

Just writing a message to kick start this thing. Soon we'll talk about the things that went on this summer and, more im
portantly, the challenges that lie ahead.

First, let's take a look at the picture of the horns at sound check in Yalta. Ridiculous and hilarious. Love it.

Secondly, we're in the process of planning a couple of concerts and trips. The trick is going to be to see which ones we can swing the fastest and with the highest quality.

Third, Ilya (our bandleader, just to remind you...) has been caught on video and it's posted on YouTube in a jazz thing he did (Piano Kolo in Kiev). This is his composition, Running Away from the Small Apple. It's quite cool to see what our salsa master does in his jazz time.

Fourth is a combination of
2 new things (in one picture). "La Palapa" is now playing on New York City airwaves on Hard Salsa Radio, which is awesome, because it's Lesya's first solo song to debut in New York. Before we had Resaca and Miedo that featured me on lead vocals, and Descarga de 44 which is a great instrumental track that showcases the talents of the whole band. Now, "La Palapa" makes its debut in New York, which introduces Lesya to the US salsa scene. She's got an awesome salsa feeling to her, so much so that nobody can believe she's Ukrainian.

The second awesome piece of news is that Andrei (the other one in the pic) has now become even more valuable to our band. Since we've had a long line of coro singers in the band, we've found the hidden gem of Dislocados! Andrei, after a long time of being Ukraine's best timbalero and one of the hardest working members of the band, has decided to try singing coro. As it turns out, he's got an amazing old school salsa timbre to his voice, and it's also very high. Amazingly, his Spanish pronounciation is great, and what I love the best is that he's very well tuned all the time. :) Welcome, Andrei, to salsa coro, haha. He's gonna soon become our little Sabater.

The last piece of news is that I've moved from France to Poland, which is cool because it's much closer to the band and makes it easier to get in a couple of salsa concerts on the weekend and organize our future salsa bonanzas. But, I'm having a hard time finding the salsa scene here. Out of 3 places that are supposed to be "the" salsa spots according to, only one of them still exists, and it's still not a very hard core salsa place. Hopefully we can discover the hidden salsa scene in Poland to bring the band here, and maybe do a few other concerts in Europe again, because I think Europe suits us nicely. ;)

Ok, that's it for me. Welcome back.