Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blog Launch before Album Launch

So, I just created this blog in order to document the launch of our ambitious yet humble salsa band from Ukraine. It's been a long project, the band was playing together in some form since November 2005, but we really got together to launch the band one year later and start working on the first recordings of original hard salsa music the former Soviet Union has ever seen.

Now we've recorded all of the tracks and have the last ones almost mixed. We're trying our best to get this album out in the next couple of weeks, but it will be tricky. We want to have them for this salsa festival we're doing in Sweden in June. The plan is a bilateral launch - in Kyiv, Ukraine and in Fontainebleau/Paris, France.

Perhaps I should introduce myself first. This blog is for me (Karolina, one of two lead singers, lyricist and international management) and Ilya (musical director, pianist) to document our activities, triumphs, frustrations, etc. It's an experimental project, but it might be interesting to get going, and see what the two of us are doing on two different sides of Europe to get this project off the ground.

I'm in Fontainebleau, France studying for another two and a half months and am separated from my band of ten who are practicing and performing all the time. Trying to rehearse on my own to keep my voice solid by the time June comes around.

Today I just received the finals of the cover design. They're freaking beautiful, I love them, and I'm so grateful to our graphic designers for working so hard on them. Sent them off to Ilya for final comments, etc...

I think Ilya's in the studio today. I hope he posts how it all went...



  2. Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm looking forward to following your adventures. Hope to see lots of info and pics from Sweden!