Monday, April 20, 2009

Ilya shows up for the first time

Bonsoir, ladies and gentlemen!
My name is Ilya Yeresko and I don't speak any French, I just didn't know how to start the thing. I was mentioned here in the blog couple of times, I am the bandleader and pianist of DisLOCAdos. Hope everybody enjoys the blog as well as I do. And I'll try to be less silly in the future or not silly at all.
I'm being very busy these days with all stuff like mixing the songs, rehearsing 19 songs, preparing a new band member for the big concert, practicing piano, doing interview (see below) etc. Basically doing everything to get the band ready to play the greatest two concerts which will be in Sweden June 5 and 6. I love my life now: 5 rehearsals/2 shows every week, I've gotta wake up every morning at 6 a.m. to be able to do all the work I need to do - and I think it's beautiful! Escape from the chaos.. or whatever!
This week April 25, we're going to Kharkov which is on the East of Ukraine. That will open our small Ukraine tour that we called "Salsa Against The Crisis". We're doing it together with our friends salsa dance school "El Talisman" and two another salsa schools. There gonna be a salsa dance competition (where I (together with another band member Sasha who actually knows how to dance salsa) am gonna be one of the judges) and then then the concert of DisLOCAdos. We would like everybody to come visit the concert, it's for sure gonna be danceable and full of energy!
On my next post I will tell everybody about the new adventures of DisLOCAdos on the way to Kharkov and back, which will contain the bus story, the train story, the sound engineer story, the three pigeons, a bum and a slice of bread story, and many other interesting facts that haven't even slightly happened yet or will never ever happen. So stay with the blog.
Thank you everybody who supports the band and especially the ones that support the blog and write comments! ;) Thank you, Karolina, for starting this thing and for the inspiration!
Au revoir!


  1. Can't wait to hear about the pigeons... I think... :)

  2. What about the rabbit in the blue suit story?

  3. Oh, the pigeons one? great story,. but will take place in a future..

    rabbit in the blue suit is my friend and I love him, I don't know how he's recently, I need to check..