Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lovin' MySpace

Hey, we got more comments from people we really admire on our myspace. Orestes Vilato (timbalero) and Maximo Rodriguez (bass player). Some great comments... we're lovin' the MySpace thing. Really recommend it. Great way to connect with people.

In other news, these French CD replicators are proving a bit difficult... and slow. I went on an American website yesterday and was immediately contacted by customer service people that were SO NICE and efficient. Gotta love American customer service. When we finally sign a contract with a replicator, I'll post it on here so everyone can find out which one is the most efficient to avoid all the hassles we have...


  1. Good on you to give props to a good company that gives you good service!

  2. Orestes Vilato is a huge salsa star, timbalero who played with Fania All Stars, Cachao and every single great salsaband; check him out, his energy and technique are incredible. Maximo Rodriguez is a bass player of Spanish Harlem Orchestra - I think number one modern salsaband in NYC.