Thursday, May 28, 2009


We got them!!! We got the CDs delivered to France (still waiting for the ones to get to Ukraine) and ALSO, the band got visas to Sweden! So, we're onnnn!!!

This is a picture of me selling CDs at INSEAD, very excited. Next week is Sweden, and then hopefully the CD will be available on iTunes and elsewhere in the world, physical and 'net.

I told you guys before that I was going to mention the name of the company that we used to make the CDs if everything worked out well. And, it did. They were really professional, great customer service, everything the way we wanted it. Couldn't have asked for anything better. The company is called DiscMakers, and here is their website. In particular, thanks to Noel and Ben that handled our case.

Also, I can finally announce that the intro page to our CD was written by none other than Andy Harlow - salsa legend from the old school days in New York! Thanks to Andy, and thanks to everyone else that helped us with this project. So excited.

Now the prep is on for Sweden. We'll keep you posted!

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