Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Ukrainian News

So, from reading various facebook posts (nobody told me), I noticed that the band was on Ukrainian news a little while ago! Quite cool. They videotaped a rehearsal where the band played Resaca and Lesya sang, while they interviewed Ilya and Lesya. From what I can get (the Ukrainian language confuses me), they were talking about international music in Ukraine, and how it's getting international, not necessarily local, attention. Check out the video here.


  1. :):)
    Actually yesterday after the show in Caribbean club I was interviewed by a group of French dancers. They're shooting some documentary about salsa dancers and bands in different countries. They were like "please try to mention the difficulties you face in Ukraine doing salsa." And I was like "no problems here, guys!"


  2. Hey, that's very cool. Did you get contact information from them? Are we going to be able to see what they come up with?