Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dislocados in Kharkov

Hallo, ladies and gentlemen!
Last week our band went to Kharkov, a city in the east of Ukraine. Unexpectedly for me we got a great audience there!
We left Kiev right after the show in Caribbean club, in a bus, and we were in Kharkov at 9 in the morning. Then we spent the day in the city doing I don't exactly know what :) I mean some guys just went to sleep in the hotel rooms, what a miserable thing to do after you've just slept in the bus, common. I personally had an opportunity to go to the press conference that never happened and together with Sasha the conga player to the salsa competition to be judges. The competition place (same place we played our concert later) was crazy packed with dancers and it was like 15 judges that were supposed to seat at one tiny table. We understood that we won't be able to sleep there, instead we'll have to judge the competition and stuff, so we escaped and ate a cheese cake(Sasha did) and a beautiful apple pie (me). Then when some of the guys came back from the zoo, and after we waited for God knows how many hours for the competition to end, we've got a chance to start the sound check.
Well as you can see the organization wasn't perfect and we got really exhausted. Couple of days after the concert I remembered that as an encore we played "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" which certainly is a Carnaval, we just kind of didn't feel it at the moment.
Anyway, that's not my point!! The concert itself - that what it is - the concert was beautiful! There were more than 200 ppl that night, happy, cheering, everybody was dancing, they loved "Cancion De Los Muertos", they were scanning "Dis-lo-ca-dos"in the end of the show. We all were very happy to be there on stage, everybody played just great, I was really enjoying people dancing, there was an energy exchange between dancers and musicians etc. In other words the concert went the way a salsa concert is supposed to be going (I think some of you know what I'm talking about).
One of the minuses - Miss Karolina Patocki wasn't there!
Dear Karolina, we miss you with us! We feel exactly the way you do when you look at the picture of the band that don't have you on it. Looking forward to perform with you in Sweden and on May 15 and 16 in Kiev!!
Aaaand.. we're back to the Kharkov story! Entonces, everybody loved it, the feedback was really awesome, the dancers said that they'd come only to see us, even if it would be no competition at all. That's great! everybody had fun and got happy - wasn't that the purpose of this concert called "Salsa contra crisis"?. I think it was. So thanks everybody that came all the way to Kharkov (salsa schools "El Talisman" and "Sierra Maestra"), thank you Kharkov people ("Latina Club") and everybody in the club that night, and let's see each other more!
Now we're trying to organize a concert in L'vov in the end of May, hopefully it will happen

see you later

(on the picture: special Dislocados signs for "jellyfish" (on the left) and "frog" (on the right))


  1. Sounds like a great concert :) Maybe some day soon there will be a video, yes? Keep up the great work!!

  2. :)
    it will be a video soon, I promise
    And sorry I didn't sign the post - it's me, Ilya :)

  3. I think they know that part. :)

    Hope to have videos from Sweden! That's the plan, anyway..

  4. I am so jealous I could not be there with you guys ... But I am going to learn notes one day and apply for a job with disLOCAdos.