Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great review

Big thanks goes out to Azucar y Candela for doing this great review of our album! Check it out here.

In other news, we're just working really hard for this Jimmy Bosch concert... so much stuff to prepare... But it's going to be worth it. I can't believe we've got like 15 people working full or part time on this and we still have new stuff to do every day... but it's kind of fun. And it will definitely be worth it.

Official ads and announcements go out in December. Keep your ears and eyes open...

In yet more news, my wooden guiro stick - my favorite one, the white one doesn't have enough friction for me - is finally starting to split... :( Also, I didn't realize how hard it is to find a Puerto Rican guiro anywhere outside of Puerto Rico. I can't even find it online to order (or at least a place that will ship to Poland). Boo.

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