Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding Dislocados info in random places

I just came across this newspaper today. Check out page 9!

It's a Ukrainian-American newspaper by the looks of it, and it wrote about our CD release! Too bad I just found it now, because it was published on August 9th, but this is awesome!

Somehow from the text, it seems like I may have talked to these guys, but I don't really remember... Either way, I must say this is the first time that any text has gotten all the info about us and our release 100% right. You would think that's easy, but it's not. Every publication, review, promotion, etc has made at least one mistake so far, even if the whole thing is almost copy/pasted, so props to these guys for getting it right!

Special thanks to Matthew Dubas and Yarema Belej for the shout-out and enthusiastic writing. We're so happy that the Ukrainian diaspora is supporting us. Now, if only we could work on the Ukrainians... ;)

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